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5 Phases 360°- Strategy & Execution
Our core focus is ensuring ALL 5 Phases are aligned so they produce useful data. The 5 Phases make up the 360° campaign.
5 Phases
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The 5 Phase 360° Strategy & Execution Approach

The Problem
All businesses, large and small, are looking for better ways to create and use big data across the company. For marketers, data is available, but making use of it is complicated and time-consuming. Many marketers find themselves under-resourced for maximum reach. The 5 Phases are the key to your “Data Mine”, but they cannot be executed to full effect by an already swamped or small team.


The 5 Phases
Analytics are generally not measured across all aspects of campaigns and in companies where they are, these are usually not thoroughly analysed and integrated into reports for decision makers. As mentioned above, it’s a complex, time-consuming exercise that depends on a dedicated team to fulfil. However, marketers generally find the job dumped on their team, they get swamped, data is incomplete, and new expectations are based on qualitative data that is sometimes unrealistic, and expectation goes unfulfilled. Quantitative data alongside qualitative data helps align expectations more accurately.



This is where The Business City comes in, we align the 5 Phases collect and collate the data and offer feedback that can be used by decision makers and stakeholders.

Our Approach and Methodology
Our core focus is ensuring ALL 5 Phases are aligned, so they produce useful data. The 5 Phases make up the 360° campaign. The last stage “Consult and Advise” allows us to review/add/remove and amend the strategy in close to real time rather than well after the fact. The data is useful, up to date and presented in a clear format.

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