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Phase 2 - Brand Strategy
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PHASE 2 – Your Brand Strategy

Before your campaign can be launched, there are several elements you need to have in place. However, even before that we need to determine who the market is beyond basic segmentation so we can accurately target the market at the right place, right time and with the right message, products and services.


Segment the market and build a customer avatar


In the business strategy Phase 1 we determine the target market. In this session we take that feedback and build the avatar.


Sources: Focus groups, client feedback, Internet research, customer feedback, questionnaires etc.


The Customer Avatar Video Walls and Customer Journey


Our video wall is a snapshot identity of the avatar. Our definition goes beyond basic segmentation. We drill down to personal details that intimately define the avatar.


Only once we have a clearly defined avatar can we then set a brand journey/experience and select the campaign and activation type – Above The Line (ATL), Though The Line (TTL), or Below The Line (BTL) – see Phase 3 – Campaign.



Produce content for the brand journey
We design with data collection points in mind
Once the avatar has been defined and the journey plotted we can then come up with the appropriate campaign material. Below are examples of our works for local and international brands. Contact us for the portfolio.


The Marketing Communications Spreadsheet
Curating the Message
The art of copy writing has seen a massive revival thanks to Google’s updated SEO criteria. That said, it’s not about quantity alone, it’s about frequency, quality, engaging and carefully crafted messages for the avatar and for ranking.



Next Steps
Once the content has been produced, it’s time to move it to the targeted market, and move the avatar along the predetermined path and pipeline.


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