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PHASE 3 - Campaigns and Activations
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PHASE 3 – Campaigns and Activations

The Bare Minimum Basics


Once the strategy is approved, we move you to the campaign and activation phase. The key to this phase is adding measurable data points that will provide insights for decision makers. There are a few basic metrics that must be in place – these are data points for – website traffic, mailers, social media and leads/sales data points. Our campaigns direct avatars to these points where we consistently engage via our unique Always­On Campaign. This consistency creates familiarity which turns cold leads into warm leads for your sales teams.


Budgets Reach
ATL, TTL, BTL Campaigns


Once the above basics have been set up, focus moves to reach. Above The Line, Through The Line and Below The Line campaigns each have pros and cons, but the rule of thumb is – the bigger the budget, the bigger the reach (in the right hands which goes without saying).


However, the size of the budget is no longer the only factor for reach. We have run effective campaigns on smaller budgets using Below The Line strategies. Each company is unique and we use the allocated budget and customer journey to determine your most effective marketing mix.


Events and Activation Campaigns
Strategy for post-event engagement
The key to successful events is the post event activation. For events and activations we run or collaborate on -our objective is to collect and capture avatar building data and get opt-in permission for communication and post event call-to-action campaigns.


The Always-On Campaign – stay connected
Newsletters, Mailers, Social Media, SEO Content
Once the opt-in is granted, we reintroduce the brand on the avatars preferred channel. We share regular, relevant and useful content until the client is ready for a conversion. We collate the data for sales teams to use for more targeted engagement



Building on the Always-On Campaign
Call to action campaigns
At this point we send more direct call-to-action content that directs the avatar along the predefined journey. Examples are specials, incentives, offers, rewards, etc. This step works towards turning warm leads into customers and loyal clients into brand advocates.


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