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PHASE 5 - Consult & Adjust
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PHASE 5 – Consult & Adjust

The objectives set out in Phase 1, strategy, determines the focus of the data to collect and this shapes phase 2 and 3 brand strategy and campaign strategy. In Phase 4 we compile, annotate and analyse data from mailers, web traffic, campaigns, activations, events, etc., and combine these with sales data, leads data, etc., into an easy to understand full picture.


In this phase we now look at the data against the set objectives and draw on the insights for business development and decision making. We also present actions to take to capitalise on the trends that have the market buzzing.



Data for business developers and strategists


Once the analytics, trends and results have been fully reviewed we get input from business developers, marketing managers and business strategists. We look for ways to continue to build rapport, position the brand better and we present tools to close the gaps identified and make adjustments.


Adapt, add new tools and start the process again


When all 5 Phases have been effectively applied they begin to bring attention to other weak areas that need to be built up. For example, low sales after a campaign can be any number of things if there is not data to go by: Messaging, targeting, follow ups, breaks in the sales channel etc. Our data will tell us more accurately where there is a breakdown and adjustments to make.


Tools to add to your campaign


Once the gaps have been identified, we introduce additional tools to close the gaps and assist with the push towards the business goals and objectives. We have outlined a few common gaps and some of the recommendations and tools to close the gaps.


It must be noted that other departments must also be assessed to ensure their functions are not the gap areas, e.g. gaps in logistics, after sales service, production, etc. Each of these business units serves the customer and good customers can “leak” if any of these business units are not up to the clients expectations.


Again, this is why we move through 360° back to business strategy. It gives the heads of each department the opportunity to take the necessary steps to support the marketing activities and the business objectives from a more informed perspective.


When the effort is centralised and shared with those that interact with the clients the company benefits.


Tools to close the marketing gaps – Sales Strategy


What is the Sales Culture of your business?


Our sales strategist goes beyond a basic diagnostics. An in-depth assessment is an absolute, fundamental necessity in gaining a clear picture of the current sales reality, before setting out how to plan and execute against a strategy for a desired and future reality.


Without a health check, the likelihood of heartache with perhaps marginal improvements remains high. In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins writes that it is not merely about getting people on the bus, but that it is vitally important to get the right people on the bus, and even more critical to ensure that they are placed in the right seats.


We offer solutions to multiple Sales concerns including:

  • Do you have gaps in Sales Performance?
  • Do you have gaps in Sales Capacity?
  • Do you have gaps in Lead Generation?
  • Do you have gaps in Brand Recognition?
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