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PHASE 5 – Consult & Adjust

The objectives set out in Phase 1, strategy, determines the focus of the data to collect and this shapes phase 2 and 3 brand strategy and campaign strategy. In Phase 4 we compile, annotate and analyse data from mailers, web traffic, campaigns, activations, events, etc., and combine these with sales...

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PHASE 4 – Track and Analyse The Data

We look for ways to build some form of analytics into all activities. Where there is no standard form of data collection, we come up with strategies for these set objectives. We think outside the box and use technologies such as QR codes, social media interaction, people counting technology, etc....

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PHASE 3 – Campaigns and Activations

The Bare Minimum Basics   Once the strategy is approved, we move you to the campaign and activation phase. The key to this phase is adding measurable data points that will provide insights for decision makers. There are a few basic metrics that must be in place - these are data points...

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PHASE 2 – Your Brand Strategy

Before your campaign can be launched, there are several elements you need to have in place. However, even before that we need to determine who the market is beyond basic segmentation so we can accurately target the market at the right place, right time and with the right message, products...

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PHASE 1 – Business Strategy Framework

Before we begin preparing a marketing strategy and execution plan, it is essential to understand the business strategy.   We base our framework on the Boston Consulting Group 5 Strategy Palette. It classifies all the prevailing strategies into one of 5 approaches. Business environments differ along three discernable dimensions predictability (can you...

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The 5 Phase 360° Strategy & Execution Approach

The Problem All businesses, large and small, are looking for better ways to create and use big data across the company. For marketers, data is available, but making use of it is complicated and time-consuming. Many marketers find themselves under-resourced for maximum reach. The 5 Phases are the key to your...

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