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We are a South African based marketing agency established in 2008. The founders brought their strong “bricks and mortar” traditional global advertising agency foundation, integrated it with digital marketing and formed a modern marketing media agency.

Seamlessly integrate the traditional and digital worlds

We identify and proactively pursue opportunities which we pass onto our clients’ sales teams. Using our expertise in strategic marketing, branding, website design, SEO, PPC social media, analytics and more, we turn your objectives and insights into executable strategies that generate sales.

We seamlessly integrate the traditional and digital worlds. We are a modern ad agency that has a strong digital pedigree.

What we do for you

First, we layout and review your strategy. After the strategy has been laid out, we build the missing brand items you need for a marketing and sales campaign. These include any material your sales team needs to enhance their sales capabilities.

Once all branded material has been created and updated, we use the appropriate tools and resources to target the potentials identified in the strategy. We also focus on product awareness campaigns for existing customers.

Our clients have grown and expanded their market share

We have grown market share for companies in the manufacturing, retail, distribution, and services sectors. Some of the companies have gone on to expand their factories, open new branches, build and expand warehouses and successfully targeted customers in regional and global markets.

Visibility Equals Profitability

Advertising consistency, is it necessary?

Advertising consistency is a crucial aspect of building a successful and recognizable brand. Let’s explore why it’s so important for businesses:

1/ Solid Brand Identity

Brand consistency helps create a solid and cohesive brand identity. When your branding remains consistent across all marketing channels and touchpoints, customers develop a sense of familiarity and trust with your brand. Think of it like meeting an old friend – the more consistent your brand, the easier it is for customers to recognize and connect with it. For example, the iconic Coca-Cola logo has remained consistent for decades, making it instantly recognizable worldwide.

2/ Differentiation

Consistency allows businesses to stand out and differentiate themselves from competitors. By presenting a clear and cohesive image, companies carve out a unique position in the market. This distinct identity helps communicate their values, mission, and unique selling propositions effectively.

3/ Brand Recognition

Visual consistency plays a crucial role in brand recognition. When customers encounter consistent branding across different platforms, it reinforces the visual elements associated with your brand. For instance, the recognizable Nike “swoosh” logo appears consistently across their marketing materials, contributing to solid brand recognition.

4/ Messaging Consistency
Beyond visuals, brand consistency also encompasses consistent messaging. When businesses maintain a consistent tone, voice, and messaging, it reinforces their brand identity. This consistency makes it easier for customers to connect with and remember the brand.
5/ Trust and Credibility

Consistent branding builds trust and credibility. Customers who encounter consistent messaging and visuals are more likely to remember and associate your brand with positive experiences. This leads to increased brand awareness and recall.

6/ Enhanced Marketing Effectiveness

A consistent brand foundation allows businesses to attract customers more effectively. It provides a stable platform for marketing efforts, making it easier to convey messages and engage with the audience.

Success cases

Engaging content creation
Data-driven analytics
Brand visibility enhancement
ROI optimization

Targeting Niche Markets in SADC

Our successful targeted regional campaign

NASA Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a prime manufacturer and global supplier of quality rock drills and rock drill components. The niche markets targeted are South Africa, SADC, Central Africa, North and South America.

The Brief Summary

Our strategic focus was two-fold, first, present NASA Engineering SA’s proven superior quality as better value for money. We had to change the mindset of a niche market that leans towards buying cheap alternatives. Second, we had to reduce the reliance on a small handful of customers that accounted for the bulk of the sales revenue.

After the strategy was laid out, we built the missing brand items for the marketing and sales teams including professional brochures, wallcharts, website content, videos, professional product photos and more.

The Strategy Summary

After the rebranding, we launched a very targeted global campaign. For the SADC region (Southern Africa) the digital advertising team ran campaigns alongside the sales teams that visited the region. Prospects met the sales teams on the ground and the digital teams “in the air”.

The Results Summary

The combined efforts of our teams have seen them successfully reduce their reliance on a small handful of historical clients who accounted for over 50% of their turnover to less than 10%. There has been a marked increase in turnover for the top end products in the range and an overall increase in revenue. This was all done over three years of concerted effort. They have successfully increased their global market share in the hand-held rock drilling sector.

Watch the video to learn more about us.

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Partnerships for local & global growth

Our primary focus has been the South African market. We have grown market share for companies in the manufacturing, retail, distribution, and services sectors. Some of the companies have gone on to expand their factories, open new branches, build and expand warehouses and successfully target customers in regional and global markets.

Contact us for more on our success cases or to talk about your needs.

Accolade letter from Saracen Interiors London

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Creative work for UK based clients

We have a great portfolio of work done for clients in the UK. We partnered as Agency Support for a prestigious leading brand in the interior decor field. We supported the London based company and its branches in Manchester and Liverpool. Projects we provided support for included marketing material to showcase projects in Chelsea, Wimbledon, greater London, and other parts of the UK. Work included video editing and final cuts, high quality catalogues, marketing material, large format banners, corporate brochures and much more. Read the accolade letter below to see what they had to say about us.

 Some of the other clients and brands we have worked on in the UK include British Airways and London based UK healthcare professionals. The healthcare professionals niche marketing approach gave us a unique but interesting challenge that has worked well.

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Working to global standards for global brands

The founder of The Business City has a strong international agency background. He has worked with leading global agencies and leading global brands. Some of the brands he has worked on include HP, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Oracle, Sheraton Hotels (owned by Marriott International), and more. 

Works have included product branding for Coca-Cola, digital tutorials for HP customers and internal staff, magazines for Microsoft’s Southern African client base, material for Oracle (SAOUG) Southern African Oracle User Group events, the monthly magazine for Sheraton’s (Marriott International) lobby areas for their branches in The Middle East and Africa. Other campaigns have gone beyond creative work and into strategy, copy writing and more.

Contact us for more on our success cases or to talk about your needs.

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