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As a manufacturer you’ve built sales through long-term relationships, so why would you need marketing now?

# Overview

Manufacturing Marketing

As a manufacturer, you likely rely heavily on a direct, distribution or dealer sales force for growth. The founders of manufacturing plants and factories were instrumental in building the business from the ground-up through street smarts, sweat, and hustle. However, markets are evolving and there is a need to dust off the old boots and get back to basics – albeit from a much greater vantage point and with more powerful tools to reach new local and global markets.

What we do for you in good times and challenging times!

We use the good times to strengthen your relationships and we use the challenging times to gain the market share that your competitors stop marketing to and servicing.

Aside from creating the brochures, websites, and coordinating tradeshows, can marketing help grow the business? How secure are the existing channels? Do you have a global edge? What are global competitors doing better? The answers to these questions are the facts manufacturing leaders now need to face and fix.

The function of marketing has been handed off to junior staff who use “do-it-yourself” tools to fill what should be a tactical, strategic role. This is because many manufacturers never really had the need to utilise marketing 20 or 30 years ago. The founders built the business on a unique product (at the time), penetrating an underserved market, or establishing a contract with a few large OEMs.

  • There is a massive increase in competition from global suppliers.
  • Large OEMs are now examining how they can save money, quality of a supplier’s product and improve transactional efficiencies through technology
  • Previously loyal distributors and buyers are also working to expand their supplier base, instead of having a one-to-one relationship with a single supplier
  • Buyers are being impacted by economic swings that aren’t following the patterns of the past – the “downs” are lasting much longer, and they are buying from further afield
  • OEMs are putting more pressure on their suppliers to innovate, differentiate, and reduce product costs

The points raised above (Your Problem Today) also mean opportunities in new markets. OEMs and Buyers are reviewing their historical relationships. An expert marketing company is one key to brainstorming and exploring the above opportunities.

Manufacturers need to go back to their entrepreneurial roots and identify new, innovative ways to serve their markets like their forefathers did. As a manufacturer you can either continue to focus on simply expanding and pushing sales or stay true to your founder’s original vision and go back to designing and developing another market changing strategy.

We worked with the founder of a manufacturing company. He established the business in the early 1980s. We teamed up with his sales and marketing director and together we reviewed their goals and objectives, brainstormed strategy and executed the brief.

The results were impressive

While competitors lost market share, we had our highest levels of growth despite the pandemic. Read more in Client Results.


Every month hours are allocated to strategy, brainstorming, creating, and running of your marketing campaign. We identify the opportunities and the channels to reach the decision makers, customers, and target markets. We then use our Agency Expertise and resources to create or update branded material, execute, and run your campaign. The market feedback from the campaign is pushed into the CRM system (Customer Resource Management) we set up for you.

Your team can log into and make contact, qualify, and explore opportunities for doing business or immediate sales. Our marketing team nurtures the prospects with regular relevant content via mailers and social media until they are ready to place their orders, visit your retail outlets or factories and do business with you. Our ongoing nurturing also focuses on cross and up selling opportunities so revenue from new customers does not drop off after the first sale. The database can also be used for invitations to functions, events, and activations.

NOTE: The hours allocated to you for the month can be diverted to other Agency Expertise if you need to create material for other purposes.

The general recommendation for each industry is as follows:

1 Week Per Month Marketing Campaign Package
2 Weeks Per Month Marketing Campaign Package
2 Weeks Per Month Marketing Campaign Package
3 Weeks Per Month Marketing Campaign Package
4 Weeks Per Month Marketing Campaign Package
Sales Agency Marketing
Dedicated Account Executive
Discounted Rates for Agencies

Note: The above does not include any advertising fees charged by the publications and platforms selected to advertise on. The allocation for advertising budgets will be determined in strategy.

If you have very specific needs for a project or want to budget for more hours than the above, we will quote accordingly.

What we do with your marketing budget

Our goal for you in summary is three-fold

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