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We build your Website and App, optimise it for search and run digital ads for increased awareness, traffic, and sales.

# Overview

Website, Apps & Digital Ads Team

A website is no longer equivalent to a business flyer, it is the foundation for your “always-available” sales team. A great website gives prospects the opportunity to sign up for long-term nurturing. We create positive brand experiences that motivate visitors to act and join the nurturing journey.

Our approach to website development starts with a focus on SEO (search engine optimisation). The hope that “if we build it, they will come” is flawed and some developers do not make that clear to the client. You have an expectation to rank on Google but without SEO you will not rank high. We start by ensuring your website will rank high on Google search so that when we build it, they will come.

Finally, after your website is launched and SEO is complete, we don’t leave it there, we add Digital Advertising to your marketing mix. While the tools look simple enough, there are nuances our expert team taps into to ensure you get the leads into your CRM. Our processes push leads from search engines, digital ads, and traditional campaigns to the website and into the CRM for their nurturing journey and sales conversions.

For that extra level of exclusivity consider adding an App. Apps provide the highest level of direct contact with your target market.

Our approach has proven to be highly successful, and we have some great case studies across a selection of industries to showcase when we prepare your proposal.

What to expect

The below are the top four priorities that most companies and clients we work with need when we start. However, if you already have some of these in place, we will adjust our priorities to suit your objectives. The strategy session will identify where we need to start and what we will focus on at each stage.

Mobile first design

Our Websites & Apps are optimised for mobile and desktops and include all your market needs from catalogues to eCommerce gateways, delivery systems and much more.


We prepare your on and off-page content, analytics, and search tools so they are ready for search engines to pick up and rank you.

Social Media & Mailers

After we get visitors to join your nurturing journey, we send out carefully timed mailers and Social Media content to help them make their buying decision.

Online Ads

Our biggest source of conversions alongside SEO is Online Ads. Our experts focus on getting the highest sales conversion rates from the budgets.

To-Do List

What do you need help with?

Next Steps

Barriers to consider

Before we can work our magic there are several barriers you will want us to address. You will want to know how we have grown the bottom line for businesses, how much will we charge, how do we manage projects? etc.

We have outlined a few common questions below and will address your particular barriers when we put a proposal together for you.

For any marketing to work smoothly, all the key players need to be onboard. Management buy in goes without saying – the bottom line is generally their critical goal, and nothing happens if it’s not central to growth. Marketing and Sales teams’ buy in is key for setting the targets and clarifying expectations. It is also important to bring in the company’s third-party marketing and sales service providers i.e., software suppliers, ads specialists etc.

If you need to motivate the buy-in from any of the above divisions and partners – let us know and we will share or create content designed to specifically meet the needs of the individuals – their goals and expectations.


Our services are based on hours allocated each month. We have packages at price points for small, medium, and large companies. These can be used for any of the services we offer – we do however focus them around the goals and objectives we set in strategy. In our presentation to you, we will showcase some of our results. However, results do not come any better than showing it for your business. As a starting point some companies give us a division to work with before extending our services to their other divisions or the company. This Division Pilot or predetermined time Trial period is all we ask for to get the ball rolling.

Our team and members have worked with a wide array of clients since 1996. We have worked in the Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Services sectors. We have seen trends come and go, mediums change, and fads peak and fall. Our wealth of experience is our competitive edge.


Our campaign focus is determined by your goals. We do however discuss and recommend when to switch between brand awareness and sales focus.

Companies tend to struggle to qualify the volume of leads we bring in. Your package includes a CRM that automates the nurturing of leads until they are qualified for sales (see next page Customised CRM Process Flow). We also have a call centre team to field the qualification of leads for you if necessary.

B2B  |  B2C  |  NICHE
In the strategy meeting we clarify the target markets and the markets expectations of you. We then determine what research is needed for clear messaging and branding. We have successfully run targeted campaigns for markets in Africa, Europe, Asia, and The Americas. We have great results for B2B, B2C and niche markets for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, Art Galleries and many more.

We sit with you to understand your vision so we can clearly outline how we will use our skill set and resources to reach your goals and objectives.


We have successfully launched new products or rebranded products into the market. The level of research and awareness campaigns is more demanding, but we have the resources to execute the objective.

Your unique requirements will come with their own barriers. Allow us to present our solutions or services for your needs. We look forward to producing the solution you need.

To get started, simply reach out to us through our website or contact us by phone or email. We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and create a customized social media marketing plan for your business.

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