SEO (Website Search Optimisation)

For SEO we run your campaign for the first 6 to 9 months to ensure that ranking improves from month to month. This mandatory period allows for the optimisation and adjustment of the site. It allows search engines to pick up the keywords and we can track them as they rise when searched. In that timeframe we will show you what you need to do to maintain the ranking. Your focus will be around SEO Content Creation. You will see an increase in traffic volumes over the period. From there your team can then take over and maintain the ranking.

An analogy we use for search is – it’s like building a house, we cannot build the foundation and expect you to finish the rest. We build it, finish it and hand over for you to maintain. It is a complex process that requires years of experience and expertise to out rank other professionals after the same keywords.

The key areas of expertise in summary are:

  • Technical SEO and Analysis: This ensures all indexing is in place, search console is connected and analytics are set up so the site can be crawled and indexed and we can measure traffic.
  • On-site SEO and Content Optimisation: This ensures your content is using the right keywords, tags, headers etc
  • Off-site SEO and Localisation: We ensure your off site elements on Google, Bing and local directories contribute to your ranking.
    We run the campaign for a period of 6 to 9 months to allow for optimisation and adjustments. If you have an online store or catalogue, we highly recommend adding Product Search Optimisation to your package.

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SEO (Website Search Optimisation)

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