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Getting the brand experience, marketing and sales basics right early is the key to your success.

# Overview

Small Business Marketing

Small businesses depend on marketing for exposure, and it can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Small, medium, and micro-enterprises vary in marketing requirements, but all have the same basic checklist to tick off at various stages.

The problem is, if your branding and online presence do not live up to the expectations of the industry benchmarks, and no one knows your name, you will lose potential business to the competition. Our small business solutions include cost effective branding that makes you look professional, slick and serious about your offering. Once we get your branding to match-or-better your industry’s leading competitors we can then focus on your marketing strategy and campaign.

Once your brand experience is on par or better than the benchmark leaders in your industry, we brainstorm, identify opportunities, and use relevant targeting channels to bring them in. We set up a CRM where leads are pushed from various channels. From there your sales teams can login to contact, qualify and convert leads into prospects and customers. We pick up the qualified but unconverted prospects and share regular targeted relevant content until they are ready to become customers.

Costs, Budgets, and Time Allocations

Every month hours are allocated to strategy, brainstorming, creating, and running of your marketing campaign. We identify the opportunities and the channels to reach the decision makers, customers, and target markets. We then use our Agency Expertise and resources to create or update branded material, execute, and run your campaign. The market feedback from the campaign is pushed into the CRM system (Customer Resource Management) we set up for you.

Your team can log into and make contact, qualify, and explore opportunities for doing business or immediate sales. Our marketing team nurtures the prospects with regular relevant content via mailers and social media until they are ready to place their orders, visit your retail outlets or factories and do business with you. Our ongoing nurturing also focuses on cross and up selling opportunities so revenue from new customers does not drop off after the first sale. The database can also be used for invitations to functions, events, and activations.

NOTE: The hours allocated to you for the month can be diverted to other Agency Expertise if you need to create material for other purposes.

The general recommendation for each industry is as follows:

1 Week Per Month Marketing Campaign Package
2 Weeks Per Month Marketing Campaign Package
2 Weeks Per Month Marketing Campaign Package
3 Weeks Per Month Marketing Campaign Package
4 Weeks Per Month Marketing Campaign Package
Sales Agency Marketing
Dedicated Account Executive
Discounted Rates for Agencies

Note: The above does not include any advertising fees charged by the publications and platforms selected to advertise on. The allocation for advertising budgets will be determined in strategy.

If you have very specific needs for a project or want to budget for more hours than the above, we will quote accordingly.

What we do with your marketing budget

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