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Digital marketing strategy

The brief and strategy.

Our manufacturing client’s success story - How we worked with our client’s marketing manager to target niche markets and push sales up by 30%.

Our client, NASA Engineering SA is a prime manufacturer and global supplier of quality rock drills and rock drill components. They target niche markets in South Africa, SADC, Central Africa, North and South America.

Our strategic focus was two-fold, first, present NASA Engineering SA’s proven superior quality as better value for money. We had to change the mindset of a niche market that leans towards buying cheap alternatives. Second, we had to reduce the reliance on a small handful of customers that accounted for the bulk of the sales revenue. Speak to us about how we did this for NASA Engineering SA.

What cames after the strategy?

Build missing brand items.

After the strategy was laid out, we built the missing brand items for the marketing and sales teams including professional brochures, wallcharts, website content, videos, professional product photos and more.

Once the rebranding was completed, we launched a very targeted global campaign. For the SADC region (Southern Africa) the digital advertising team ran campaigns alongside the sales teams that visited the region. Prospects met the sales teams on the ground and the digital teams “in the air”. Contact The Business City for more information.

What was the outcome?

Increase in the bottom line.

The combined efforts of our teams have seen them successfully reduce their reliance on a small handful of historical clients. These clients accounted for over 50% of NASA’s turnover and was reduced to less than 10%, mitigating the risk.

There has been a marked increase in turnover for the top end products in the range and an overall increase in revenue. This was all done over three years of concerted effort. They have successfully increased their global market share in the hand-held rock drilling sector. Contact us at The Business City so we can help you increase your bottom line.

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Digital marketing strategy

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