1 Week Per Month Marketing Campaign Package (10 hrs)
Start Up (SMME) Marketing

Every month hours are allocated to strategy, brainstorming, creating, and running of your marketing campaign. We identify the opportunities and the channels to reach the decision makers, customers, and target markets. We then use our Agency Expertise and resources to execute and run your campaign. The market feedback from the campaign is pushed into the CRM system we set up for you.

Your team can log into and make contact, qualify, and explore opportunities for doing business or immediate sales. Our marketing team nurtures the prospects with regular relevant content via mailers and social media until they are ready to place their orders, visit your retail outlets or factories and do business with you. Our ongoing nurturing also focuses on cross and up selling opportunities so revenue from new customers does not drop off after the first sale. The database can also be used for invitations to functions, events, and activations.

NOTE: The hours allocated to you for the month can be diverted to other Agency Expertise if you need to create material for other purposes.



How can we help you execute your brief and reach your target market?

1 Week Per Month Marketing Campaign Package (10 hrs)
Start Up (SMME) Marketing

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“Unlock Business Success with Our Strategic Marketing Campaigns”

Every month, we dedicate hours to crafting, executing, and optimizing your marketing campaign. Our team identifies key opportunities and channels to connect with decision-makers, customers, and target markets. Leveraging our Agency Expertise and resources, we drive your campaign forward. Market feedback is seamlessly integrated into the CRM system we’ve customized for you.

Your team gains access to this system, allowing them to engage, qualify, and explore business prospects. Through regular mailers and social media content, our marketing team nurtures these leads until they’re ready to make orders, visit your retail outlets, or collaborate with your factories. We don’t stop there—our ongoing nurturing efforts focus on cross-selling and upselling, ensuring sustained revenue from new customers beyond the initial sale. Plus, the database serves as a valuable resource for event invitations and activations.

Remember: If you require material for other purposes, the allocated hours can be redirected to other areas of Agency Expertise.

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