Call Centre Sales Team
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We contact prospects from campaigns and qualify them for sales teams who focus on delivering the final sale after our long-term nurturing.

Unlike a traditional call centre, we run a complete campaign to attract prospects. We use traditional and digital advertising and social media to push prospects into the CRM. Once in the CRM our Sales Agents then pick up the call, identify the need and set the prospect on a short, medium, or long-term nurturing campaign using targeted, relevant mailers and “check-in” calls until they are ready for conversion. Whilst our team are not experts in your field, they are highly motivated professional salespeople who provide all the groundwork to qualify the lead until they are ready for your sales team to focus on conversion. We also focus on cross selling and up selling to ensure increased revenue and a constant flow of income after the first sale. We also up sell and cross sell to existing clients. We find that many clients are not fully aware of all the products and services available to them after the first sales, or worse after years of doing business with the client. Our strategy ensures sales are coming in consistently from existing and new clients. This process saves your sales team sifting through hundreds of unqualified leads and wasting time and money. Their focus is purely presales conversations for conversions.

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Call Centre Sales Team
Sales Agency Marketing

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