Building the Afroproc Brand – Logo design, copy writing, brochure design

When you head into a meeting for new business, you are almost always judged on the quality of your branding and marketing material. Think of it this way, when you are the prospect, and see low quality branding, one cannot help but wonder, how professional is the company?

Copy writing and brochure design.

Unleashing innovative messaging.

Before a prospect visits your business, they will want a clear picture to help in their decision. Good quality branding, clear copy and a professional brochure will go a long way to get you the business. For this project we had to build a new brand from scratch for the client. The client was extremely happy and sent several new jobs through for his other entities. We also received referrals for several other projects that we won.

We love the vibrance and colours of this logo designed by our Graphic Design team. It reflects the youthful energy and many shapes and forms of opportunities all around Africa.

We condensed 100 pages of source material into a well written brochure. After the brief with our creative director, our Graphic Design Team focused on the logo while the Copy Writing Team gathered all the content. The team and client successfully condensed the content into a concise document that showcased the client’s expertise. From there, the graphic design team submitted several brochure cover design options. Once the style was approved, the Graphic Design team put the rest of the brochure together.

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